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Using BSNL DataOne Type-2/4 Modem with Airtel Broadband

Configuring BSNL DataOne Broadband Modem UTStarcom Model No. WA3002G4 for Airtel Broadband I had a tough time configuring my BSNL provided type-2 Modem with Wi-Fi, to use it with Airtel Broadband. So I'm posting it here, so that others don't have to go through the pain.All these settings should work with Model No. WA3002G4, Dataone Modem, manufactured by UTStarcom. The key is in setting the WAN setting correctly. VPI/VCICon. IDCategoryServiceInterfaceProtocolIgmpQoSStateRemoveEdit1/321UBRAirtelppp_1_32_1PPPoEDisabledDisabledEnabled
The summary of this section is as below:WAN Setup - Summary

Make sure that the settings below match the settings provided by your ISP.

VPI / VCI:1 / 32 Connection Type:PPPoE Service Name:Airtel Service Category:UBR IP Address:Automatically Assigned Service State:Enabled NAT:Enabled Firewall:Enabled IGMP Multicast:Disabled Quality Of Service:Disabled Make sure your username and password are correctly specified correctly.The ADSL State:Device Info


SQL Server Merge Replication

I had run into tonnes of problems installing & configuring Merge Replication mention between MS SQL Server and SQL Server Mobile, but finally got everything working. So thought of writing this article which would help many of the newbies trying to do this. If you're not a newbie, this is probably not the right place for you!
Thanks to Phil for all the help!Please note that this article is only a supplement to the following article:
First of all, Merge Replication is about two-way synchronization between data (tables. Does it synchronize anything else?) across two SQL Servers. I'm going to mention the synchronization in SQL Server on Desktop and SQL server Mobile or SQL Server CE (as Microsoft calls the newer versions of it). I've done it only using SQL Server Management Studio, plus also tested it on real Windows Mobile Device (WM6, HTC Touch) with .Net Compact Framework 2.0 installed, using C# code for initiating Syn…