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Doing lots of repititive tasks at your workplace?

If you're a software developer or tester, esp. in Java domain, you might be doing a lot of repetitive stuff, making things boring! Consider my scenario, where we have a huge J2EE Enterprise application (source code ~600MB), where we have to get code update from SVN repository, build, deploy into weblogic server, start the server, run unit tests, create data on test DB for integration tests, run integration tests, cleanup test data, generate reports of tests, backing up files which are changed from current revision of source control (SVN), committing the files etc etc. If you use something like Ant properly, then chances are that a sizable chunk of these jobs would be just ant targets, but not all. Its like: I don't want to keep waiting for the build to finish before I start Weblogic manually. Or why cant the IE start automatically with its homepage after the server has started? Why cant it all happen automatically?

Yes..lots of things can be automated. If you know any scriptin…