iOS vs Android first hand differences

iPhone Vs Android: first hand differences.

If you're a power android user and thinking of whether to shift to iPhone, go through this. This is my first hand experience and some of it is also cross checked on online Apple forums, stack exchange etc.

Actual phones used: iPhone7 (latest) and Lenovo K5 Note (Android 6.0)
Recently, I had a choice between Samsung S7 & iPhone7. I chose iPhone7.

Lets come to the Pros of iPhone:

  1. The touch is like Makkhan! The best ever touch I've seen (Haven't seen Samsung S7 side to side). I love the 3D touch feature: you can tap hard to fade the keyboard and drag the cursor anywhere you want!
  2. TouchID feature works much better compared to its corresponding Android counterpart. The accuracy (or algorithm's accuracy) is much better.
  3. Camera is like damn good! I've not seen this quality of pictures in any other phone (Haven't used S7 or S7 Edge: read that it's equally good)
  4. The sound quality through the earphones is damn good, perhaps the best I've used (probably next only to HTC Beats Audio handsets)
  5. The text display is much better. I like Apple fonts much better than on most Android phones.
  6. The looks are obviously much nicer
  7. Coming to battery. This is where I was pleasantly surprised. I had thought for my normal usage, iPhone won't last 1 full day for me. Lenovo K5 mote lasts 1.5 days on 1 full charge. iPhone is lasting through the day for me. And it charges blazingly fast. Full charge with 1A charger in 1 hour
  8. I like the Map feature: where did I park my car! But only for this feature. As Map, it just sucks as I mentioned in the Cons part
  9. The health tracker rocks! The health App is also nice
  10. AirDrop works very smoothly with Mac
  11. Scheduled color tone change: you can specify that from 10:00pm to 6am the backlight will change to yellowish to reduce eye strain.
  12. Most of the in build apps have intelligent defaults

Coming to the Cons.

Yes there are few things missing compared to Android, esp if you're a power user or if you're in Google's ecosystem of products (and chances are you'd be).
  1. No 3.5mm Jack: I hate the part that Apple removed 3.5mm Earphone jack - why should I always carry the convertor when I travel?I listen to music on many devices
  2. Apple Maps as non-changeable default: I hate that Apple doesn't allow Google Maps or Navigation as the default navigation or Maps provider (which can be launched from other applications: try sending your friend's home location on whatsapp - it would use Apple Maps and now you cannot route to Google Maps. And obviously, Apple Maps sucks to the core. You search for Intuit, it shows in US. It doesn't show Intuit in Bangalore! Doesn't show even Pritech Park when you search! Huh! ). Don't mistake me, I don't mean that you cannot use Google Maps: you certainly can. However, if another application links to Maps, it can only be Apple Maps in iPhone7 and not Google Maps.
  3. Safari as non-changeable default Browser: You cannot make Chrome as the default web-browser either. Safari isn't probably as bad as Apple Maps, but Chrome is so much better (I know it consumes more battery, but hey, I said it's for Power user)
  4. Google Contacts: I like my contacts to be consistent across my phones. While iPhone uses iCloud for Sync, Android uses Google Contacts. Now if I create a new contact, it won't show up on my Google Contacts automatically. Which means it won't sync up on my non-apple phones. Neither I can browse or manage my contacts on the Web (I can do on my Mac I guess). Google contact management is so much more powerful. It allows you to find and merge duplicates (which is very useful) Thanks to my friend Ritwik Kumar, for pointing that I can use Gmail Contacts as default in my iPhone contacts. In fact now, all new contacts for me will be created in GMail! This is great stuff!. 
  5. Chromecast Compatibility: You cannot mirror you iPhone screen on Chromecast. You need an AirPlay device for that. Even App support for Chromecast is lesser on iPhone compared to Android (as expected). Thankfully, you can cast Youtube, Hotstar, Gaana, Wynk etc
  6. SMS access to 3rd party apps: Looks like Applications on iPhone cannot read SMS or finger-print data. And I'd always need to enter OTP manually. Thanks to my friend, Ritwik Kumar for pointing that TouchID is opened to 3rd party developers. I just checked that PayTM works on iPhone7 with TouchID! Hurray!
  7. Word Selection: If you've to select a word out of a long email that you've typed on iPhone, it's a faster to do on on stock Android keyboard.
  8. Signal Reception: The signal reception for the same SIM operator seems to be much better on my Lenovo K5 Note than on iPhone7. Sadly, iPhone doesn't show the signal level in dBm, so it's hard to confirm based on signal bars and call quality when they're kept next to each other. I've observed lot more "Unable to hear" issues on iPhone7 compared to my Lenovo K5 Note. Maybe its because SAR value is lower?
  9. OTG Pendrive: Micro USB based OTG Pen drives are so convenient now. Sad that I cannot use them, even with convertors and adapters. I'll have to use the expensive Strontium pen drives with iPhone.
  10. Whatsapp chat transfers: I could not transfer my whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone. I can backup them from Android to Google Drive, but iPhone can only read it from iCloud. The email chat feature works but it doesn't get detected as chat backup in iPhone. I have to use a paid app costing about 20$ to move the chats. What the heck!
  11. Call history with one contact: There is no easy way to see the call history for a given contact. You need to scroll through the entire call history in general. You cannot go to the contact and see the entire call history (say, even last 2 days history)
  12. No real file manager exists - probably a security feature. The way this limits you is, file is only accessible from its application. So e.g. if you transfer a PDF using AirDrop from your Mac to your iPhone, after transfer is complete, it will copy the file in the application specific folder from where it will be accessible. So if you selected to open the file with, say, App1, later, to access that file, you cannot use any other App - you've to transfer the file again and open with the second app with which you want to open it
Overall, the choice is completely individual. People who love Apple products would continue to do so and so for Android. This only serves as a place to make informed decision for switching over.

Undoubtedly, Apple makes really brilliant products. I love the Macbook Pro (using it for 5 years now). And probably I might start loving iPhone7 also - although I've traditionally been a supporter of Open standards & open platform


MountCleverest said…
I have been using 6s+ for a while now(upgraded from 5s), so I have been on the iphone ecosystem for a some time now. While I agree on some of the cons, I can't agree about the google maps feature. I have both installed, and when I receive location on whatsapp, it allows me option to open in google or apple maps. Till date, I have never used apple maps.
Not sure about similarly opening web links in chrome. I haven't had the need to use Chrome much on my iphone. Safari does the job well.
MountCleverest said…
Also, you can add (through settings-> mail/contacts/calendar -> add caldev account) your google contacts account to your iphone. It's fairly simple to do.
MountCleverest said…
and with ios9(your iphone 7 ships with ios9), touchID can be used by 3rd party apps. Specifically, your case in point, I use paytm with touch integration.
Kundan burnwal said…
@MountCleverest! Thanks a lot for taking time to read my post!
1) What I meant was: sharing the location from 3rd party apps like WhatsApp -> in iPhone7, it only opens up Apple Maps. I read on blogs that until few previous versions back it allowed the location to be routed to Google Maps, but they've removed it in recent versions. However, making Google Maps the default Maps and navigation was seemingly not an option from the posts I read on Apple Forums. Do you remember how to do that? I'm very much in need of doing it.

2) & 3) were sorted out! Thanks to you & Ritwik for that!

Actually I'm facing 1 another limitation: I want to see all the entire call history (dating back to say few days or weeks) with a contact. So far I'm unable to do that. I cannot go to Contacts and see the call history for that contact
Kundan burnwal said…
Now 1) means: if I go to Google Maps and share it in WhatsApp I'm able to do that. However, not vice-versa

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